2009 Shall Be Known as a Year of Festivities

Prophesied on December 14, 2008, in Humble, Texas:

God said that, “In My Kingdom, I switch things around so swiftly, and men are not prepared because of the presuppositions that have been planted in their minds by secular media, by prognosticators of the age, the new age – that the voice of My prophets are drowned out.”

What is it that we would believe that the economy of this day cannot be changed by the Lord God and His Kingdom? Because He has said tonight, “I speak of keys, the key of David that has been given to a generation. It has already been granted and sent forth.”

To do what? To unlock the mysteries of the holy Scriptures, to unlock and unveil the mysteries that Daniel spoke about, that John on the Isle of Patmos spoke about. “These mysteries are about to be revealed to bring great treasures into the Kingdom of God and into the earth,” says the Lord Most High, “The key of David to unlock that which has been kept back from mankind.”

God said, “Tonight, I desire to hear the sound of surrender from My people, and if you would do that – not only you but the thousands that are watching and will watch – this prophet is telling you – God wants you to enter into the New Year shaking off every past throttle, every past stronghold; shake it off, so that you may enter into a time of festivity.”

For God says, “In 2009 it shall be known as a year of festivities. Why? Because I’m setting a table before you; I’m setting a table before your enemies; I’m setting a table that you will eat from.”

And God says, “In the presence of your enemies I will set a table for you to feast on, and they shall say, ‘It has not been as the prognosticators have said, but we have prospered and we have entered in with victory and vigor!’“ “I Planted into Your Soil Things that Will Be Discovered in 2009

God said, “There are so few that would kneel, that they cannot see enough of the earth to be able to take out of the earth the buried treasures that I have laid there before man even set his foot on this earth. America, you that call yourselves a new nation, you were there long before you became a nation, and I planted into your soil things that will be discovered in 2009.

“I planted things into your soil that, over the time, over the process of time and putrification,” God said, “you would discover at the perfect time; because of erosion you will come to a place. 2009 is that time where something out of the earth they shall dig, and they shall find stuff that I want them to find for your energy and for the prosperity in this nation.”

For God said, “Do you really believe that I would allow this nation to carry on the way that it has carried on? No!” God said, “You will discover in your soil that which will prove four great and mighty things in My Scriptures, for the Key of David shall unlock and unveil facts in the earth. And they shall say, ‘It will be a stronghold against the forces of agnosticism and atheism.’“ And God said, “You will see, as I have told you before, that there shall literally be scientists that shall be overwhelmed by what you discover in your earth. This is a time to be excited about.”

God said, “You are not going back to Egypt, but you are going forward to a land flowing with milk and honey. You better see it, because if you see it,” God says, “I’ll take you there. In the new year it shall begin,” says the Lord!

“The fish of the sea, the creatures of the sea, of the land, of the soil – right from the beginning,” God said, “I gave it to you. I said the earth you shall subdue; you shall have dominion over the fish, over the living creatures, and those within the sea. Now that dominion is going to be restored to mankind so that they will take authority over the creatures of the sea and over the land and subdue it in order to bring forth the prosperity.” For God said, “The earth is waiting for the manifestation of sons of God that will prophesy to it, so that it will heal its produce to bring to this nation the prosperity that it’s going to bring,” says the Spirit of God. “Rejoice, for this is a time for you to rejoice!”

“There Will Be a Death of Debt By the Year 2010

There shall be something called “The Atlantic – The Atlantic Soil” – and they shall say it comes from the Atlantic. Let me call it “Atlantic Soil.” God said, “Keep your eyes open, spirits of men,” for God said, “I wish to prosper you as I prospered Abraham. I wish to prosper you as I prospered Jacob. I wish to prosper you as I prospered Isaac. Is it not so that the blessings of Abraham have come upon you because of He that died on a cross? For cursed is He that is crucified and that has died on a cross so that you may receive the blessings of Abraham.” God said, “This is a time when the blessings of Abraham are about to come upon My people,” for God said, “cursed is He that hangs upon the tree; but He has been cursed so that the blessings of Abraham might come upon you,” says the Lord. “The Gentiles who have come into the tree, that have been grafted in,” God says, “get ready. Open your eyes sons of men, open your eyes. For I want to prosper you and cause you to kill your debt, so that there will be a death of debt by the year 2010. A death of debt,” says the Spirit. “Don’t say it won’t happen – it shall be so!

On the Internet right now, businessmen, get ready; pastors, get ready; leaders, and those that are ready to take and offend those who have laughed at you, God says, “The key has been given so that you may once again take authority over the earth. For the earth and creation awaits the manifestation of the sons of God; those who have the Spirit and have the Kingdom mentality and that say, ‘We will not be driven down into a place of fear. We will not be driven down into a place of poverty. We have the blessings of Abraham.’

“Therefore, the earth is waiting to yield its produce. The earth is waiting to yield its produce. It is waiting for the commandment and the timing and the perfect alignment of the sons of God. Therefore,” God said, “demons have come and they have tried to hide, but can they when angels have also come? The Angel that came to Abraham was Christ, My Son. The Angel that came to Gideon, the Angel that came to Jacob,” God said, “do you understand that that is the Son of the Living God?

“This is a day for My people to shake off your fear and shake off the chains and the bondages. Where are the Daniels of this day? Where are the Davids of this day? Where are the Ruths of this day? Where are the Esthers of this day? Where are they?” God said, “I am calling them forth so that they will take authority over the earth,” says the Spirit of God.

My Prophets Must Begin to Prophesy the Cures that Will Come to the Human Bodies

“And they shall say, ‘Do not touch this plant, it is poisonous; it contains a deadly poison.’“ And God said, “They shall say, ‘You cannot eat that; you cannot consume it.’ But that which once brought death by consumption will actually bring life and energy,” says the Spirit of God. “For a plant – for it shall come from a soil – that a thing that would kill the human being, in a tree,” God said, “so it shall bring a cure to many cancers,” says the Spirit of God. Why would I tell you this?

“For it is time for the prophets to get above all of these fears and all of these commandments that they give. My prophets must begin to prophesy the cures that will come to the human bodies. My prophets must prophesy the cures that must come,” for God said, “did I not tell you to go and cleanse the leper? There is leprosy out there. Alzheimer’s disease is leprosy,” says the Spirit of God.

“I command you to cleanse the lepers. And therefore the prophets will prophesy that from the earth shall come healings, and it shall begin to manifest. Even though some of those have already happened, the next year I will show you great things, because a revival of healing from the earth shall take place,” says the Lord. “A revival of the healing from the earth shall take place!” Now berries, these are berries, berries – poisonous – shall bring healing.

“I Will Bring You Out of a Dark Era and Into Light!”

I’ll tell you what God’s gonna do this year, He’s going to turn the lights out. God said, “It shall be the end of a dark era! Lights out! Death of debt! Death of debt! Death of debt! Death of debt! Death of debt!”

God said, “It is the end of a dark period. And you shall enter into the New Year, and suddenly from all four corners the lights shall come on, and I will reveal things as the light comes.” For God said, “I will take you out of a dark era and I will bring you into light, into light, into light, into light!

“What does this speak of? It’s a new era. No, this is a new era: Light of the revelation of Christ, the illumination to bring out of darkness and out of hiding the things – the lofty things – that have controlled this nation. There shall be light as you have never seen it. And I will reveal the things which have been prepared long before the earth came into order.

“Because,” God said, “I’m raising up sons who will manifest My glory. I will bring daughters that will manifest My glory. They will manifest. ‘What do You say? Manifest?’ They won’t talk about it. They will walk into buildings and the lights will come on. They will walk into meetings where they are discussing the progress or digression of medical science, and as they walk in, the light shall come on. These that shall manifest shall not need to speak much. They will walk into hospitals and the light shall come on.”

God said, “Too many men that I trusted with My gifts of healing and the working of miracles have taken credit and fallen to the ground. Now this that I am bringing is the revival of the shadow, for there cannot be a shadow without light; and the shadow of Peter fell upon those who had no ability to walk.” God said, “With this light shall there be no need for commanding words. But,” God said, “the very shadow that shall come from those who have light that has been shone upon them, shall come in and this shall be the era of the shadow of light, the shadow of light. And,” God said, “they will walk in and suddenly the lights will go on, miracles will happen, people will change, conversions will take place. They will just stand and,” God said, “the light shall come on. This is an explanation of your next era in the Kingdom,” says the Lord of Hosts!

God said for me to tell you tonight, a new era is beginning, the key of David has been granted, the era of the shadow of light has come. We cannot ignore the fact that scientists are bothered by time and space, trying to work this whole thing out, trying to find the end of infinity. What is wrong with that? They are trying to find God, and guess what? They will find Him! We are in for the most exciting time. God took us into the New Year prophetically.

“Israel Shall Be Protected”

“Oh Israel, Oh Israel, I have gathered you under My wings. They shall try, and they shall arise, coming forth. Once again they will say, ‘It shall be your end.’ But I have gathered you together from every nation, and I am yet the Lord Most High. Blow the trumpet in Zion, sound the alarm! There’s a mighty army that’s coming forth. Sound the alarm!

“They have mustered for war again. They have said, ‘We must cripple Israel one more time.’“ God said, “Over the New Year they shall gather, and I shall foil it. I shall fool them and I will trap them. I will set ambushments against them just like I did in the day of Jehoshaphat. For the three nations rose up: Mount Seir, Ammon, and Moab; and they rose up and came and they said, ‘There is a great multitude of people that are coming against Israel, against Judah.’

“And once again,” says the Lord, “I will be your defense. And from the city of Houston, the prophet shall speak to the land of Israel. For there are those that have stood the test of time and My people shall not fall to the ground in shame nor dishonor,” but God said, “I will arise and I will capture those who have planned in many different nations to do what they did in India.” God said, “Tonight, sound the alarm, let the powers of darkness know vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says the Lord, “and it shall be so!

“Sound the alarm! That’s right, who would mock the Lord? Who would mock Him and say He is not able to save His people? For they shall stand. For it shall come to pass that they will no longer be men, for I will cause them to fear. They shall not fear the armies of men; they shall fear the army of God. They shall fear the army of God. And they shall stand as they stood in those days, and they shall begin to shake and their bowels shall no longer contain.

“And,” God said, “this is what I speak for the New Year. Your President has fought not only in battle but in prayer.” And God said that they would throw shoes at him; yes, they shall, because they shall be bound barefoot. “And they shall not be able to contain, and they shall stand in the sand. They shall say, ‘We cannot walk any further.’“ For God said, “This nation shall be protected. Israel shall be protected, and even those that have been unrighteously dealt with.

“You are not dealing with man anymore. You are dealing with the Lord God Jehovah. This night I speak to the terrorists of this day. I speak to the terrorists of this day.”

—Prophecy delivered by
Kim Clement

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