Getting Results! by Min. Patricia D. Samuels, MA

Getting Results Feb 2015You can get the results in life you want by living by faith.  No Word of God is void of the power it takes to cause it to come to pass.  Stick with God and you will see victory in your life!  Here are a few steps to get the results you desire:

1.  Find the promise in the Word of God.  Faith begins where the Word of God is known.  We cannot have faith for things for which we do not have a scriptural back-up.  So, our first step is to find a promise in the Word that supports what we want God to do in our lives.

2.  Lay hold on it by faith.  After you have found your promise, meditate on it.  Get it into your heart and speak it out of your mouth.  Continue to do this until you see it come to pass!  Mark 11:23-24

3.  Run the devil off!  The Word of God is the sword of the Spirit.  Remind the devil of what is written in the Word.  Speak the Word and run the devil off with your sword!  Matt. 4:1-11; James 4:7

4.  Call in the forces of Heaven.  By continuing to speak forth your promises, you give strength to the Heavenly Host to move against the Enemy on your behalf.  Keep speaking the Word!  Heb. 1:14; Ps. 103:20

5.  Praise God for the answer.  Praise confuses the Enemy and causes the demonic forces to turn on themselves.  It also causes God to live in you, making tremendous spiritual power available to you.  Aside from this, God is worthy to be praised.  II Chron. 20:21-23; Ps. 22:3

So, get into the Word of God and allow it to work in your life.  If you follow these steps consistently, you will get results!

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