More Tips for Killing Your Giants! by Min. Patricia D. Samuels, MA

MoretipsGiants_Nov2015Last time, we talked about David killing Goliath and on how it is important for us to face our giants and kill our giants! Today, I’m reminded of another story. It’s the story of the Children of Israel on their way to the Promised Land. They sent twelve spies to check out the land and ten of the twelve returned with an evil report. They reported that though the land flowed with milk and honey and was indeed their promised land, it was inhabited by giants. The men further said that they were but grasshoppers in the sight of those giants. Two of the men, Joshua and Caleb, believed that they could possess the land; however, they were outnumbered by the men who saw themselves as grasshoppers. These ten said that they were grasshoppers in the sight of the giants, but in actuality, this was how the men saw themselves. Their low self-esteem and lack of faith in God kept them from receiving their promise.

Are you allowing “giants in the land” to keep you from what God has promised you?

There is going to always be opposition to your receiving your blessing. The question to ask is, “What did God say?” If God told you to take the land, he must have some idea that you can possess it. Don’t get me wrong. I’m no different from the next person when it comes to giants. They are some scary creatures! I also find myself asking, “Why can’t I just get what’s mine without all the rigamarole?!” Well, the answer is simple: you have an adversary, the devil, who goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour! The devil does not want the people of God to be blessed because when godly people are in charge of anything, there is peace. The devil is unable to rule in such a situation. So, if he can keep you from your blessing, he can keep his operation intact. Don’t let him do it! Face your giants and kill them. Deal with your internal giants (fear, low self-esteem) and your external giants (people, circumstances). Now, you can’t literally kill people; that would be committing murder. However, you can kill someone’s ungodly, hindering power over you. You can do so by speaking the Word, submitting to God, resisting the devil and setting boundaries with those persons. Don’t let the devil run all over you! Take the land!

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