Dwelling In Unity (CD)
Everyone knows that men and women think differently but few know why. In this message you will not only discover the reasons for differences between men and women but also, how to appreciate them. You will also discover and appreciate the differences in cultures and learn how we can all attain the power found in... dwelling in unity.5178643$8.00

God's Plan For Financial Prosperity (CD)
God takes pleasure in the prosperity of his servant! Discover in this 2-tape series how God’s word will cause your finances to change! Also, learn tips on how to pay off your bills and repair your credit. No man is really free, until he is financially free!5178623$16.00

I Belong To God (CD)
Recorded live at the Harvest Time Bible Church of Port Arthur, Texas. A special teaching on how to walk uprightly before God. God says, “There is no good thing that I will withhold from them who walk uprightly.”5178652$8.00

How To Succeed At Anything (CD)No matter what your goal in life--there are sure-fire biblical principles which will bring you to victory. Discover in this message just what those principles are and how to apply them!5178649$8.00

Standing In Faith For Your Mate (CD)
Standing In Faith For Your Mate (CD)
Whether you’re single and believing God to send that special someone or you’re married and want to see some things change... This 2-tape teaching will give you the keys to command the blessing in your life. Jesus died that you might have life and that more abundantly!5178655$16.00

The Importance of Waiting on God (CD)
Timing is everything. You may be discouraged because the promise God has given you has not come to pass - yet. “Yet” is the operative word. All of God’s promises will manifest, just as he promised. Learn how to wait on God and discover what happens when he brings you out!5178659$8.00

The Presence of Blacks in the Bible (CD)
Discover the rich heritage of Blacks in the Bible. Blacks were present from the dawn of time and played very important roles in biblical history. Also, find out the reason slavery occurred and how its bondages can be broken today.5178666$8.00

Victory...Enemies...The Lord's Report (CD)
Find out why some people achieve victory and others do not. Find out what the victorious people are doing differently... Also, find out how to handle your enemies and remain victorious...God promises that your enemies will not triumph over you. Whose report are you going to believe?5178667$8.00