Mr. Michael Klein “She is a young woman who gives me confidence that our future will be in good hands.”

Mr. Michael Klein
Texas Oil Industrialist

“Lives will be touched, changed and blessed through your ministry. I will inform everyone I know about your website.”

Dalonshia Thomas
City Attorney, Lake Charles, Louisiana

Major General Marcelite J. Harris “You are certainly a person to be proud of.”

Major General Marcelite J. Harris
First Black Major General, United States Air Force

Thanks so much for this post [Faith for Finances: It’s Like Learning to Drive a Stick!] I love how you give practical advice. My biggest take away
from this is that I must “… think about things on purpose.” I knew this previously, but now I know this is the only way to “put on the new man.” Thanks again and God Bless… I am looking forward to the next post.


Rev. Gerald Thompson “What a wonderful teacher. I really enjoyed your radio broadcast...You should be on television and you should do revivals!”

Rev. Gerald Thompson
Gospel Recording Artist

This [Faith for Finances: Practical Money Advice] has truly blessed me. The funniest thing ever is that my Apostle was saying to us during Bible
Study that the Lord said that we must save in this season. Also listening to the radio this morning, they were talking about cutting back and living
much simpler. I know that this is God talking. Continue to be a blessing!

Rashelle Johnson

Rev. Ronnie Linden “Patricia has wisdom beyond her years. She is like an oasis in the desert.”

Rev. Ronnie Linden
Former Port Arthur City Councilman

Thank you Sister Patricia, this just the Word [Don’t Take Satan’s Bait!] I needed to minister to the guys when I go the prison next week. Thank You.

Willie White, Jr.

Anne Groth, RFP “I have one word for you…WOW! I have passed this [website] on to clients who I know will enjoy it.”

Anne Groth, RFP
Park Avenue Securities LLC

Excellent YouTube channel, keep up the fabulous work.


Pastor Lavelle Lemonier “I always enjoy listening to your [radio] program.”

Pastor Lavelle Lemonier
Beaumont, Texas

Thank you for posting a loving teaching on YouTube [Getting Delivered from People].

LaTina Daniels

Dr. Theron Bowman “Your website is great, Tricia. I’ll be checking it frequently.”

Dr. Theron Bowman
Arlington, Texas

This is the first clip [Fulfilled Purpose] I ever saw of u ministering,.....4 years after initially meeting u. You are the only lady I know; especially who has
Cover Girl merit; that I honestly believed,... was a born again,... redeemed,.... blood bought ,....saved,....exalted,.....exhorted,....endorsed,....salvation army,....soldier of the Lord,.... on the battlefield,..... holding up the blood stained banner.

Dr. Bridget Hilliard “Thank you for promoting the kingdom of God with such excellence. Keep up the good work.”

Dr. Bridget Hilliard
New Light Church, Houston, Texas

There is a righteously informed anointed aura that radiates around u,....which enhances your effectiveness via a sheer believability factor.

Wade Brooks

Dr. Sheron C. Patterson “This [website] is wonderful! I was blessed.”

Dr. Sheron C. Patterson
Pastor, Highland Hills UMC, Dallas, Texas and Christian Relationship Expert